Getting Started with Visual Thinking

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Traditional, Digital and AI art, image by the author

AI art

Tips on How to Study, Prepare and Pass the Exam

TensorFlow Developer Certificate — Margaret Maynard-Reid

My Accomplishments in 2020

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Awards & Recognition

Segmentation + Style Transfer

Analyze and Visualize Artists and Artworks Metadata

Image by the author and the MET’s Open Access Artworks

AI for Art and Design

  • Provide a reference for the developers looking to convert models written in TensorFlow 1.x to their TFLite variants using the new features of the latest (v2) converter — for example, the MLIR-based converter, more supported ops, and improved kernels, etc.
    (In order to convert TensorFlow 2.x …

  • Generate a SavedModel out of the pre-trained U-GAT-IT model checkpoints.
  • Convert SavedModel using the latest TFLiteConverter
  • Run inference in Python with…

AI for Art and Design

  • Part 1: an overview and introduction of the Selfie2Anime project with TensorFlow Lite (this one).
  • Part…

Margaret Maynard-Reid

ML GDE (Google Developer Expert) | AI, Art & Design |

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